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European Renewable Energy Jobs & Projects


The European energy market is expected to grow dramatically with the new European renewable energy targets of 20% from all EU member states by 2020, and 27% of its energy from renewables by 2030. Working with some of Europe’s largest energy companies, and with our extensive European wide candidate database, SER leads the way in the European renewable energy jobs marketplace, boasting diverse successful candidate placements in all solar jobs Europe, wind jobs Europe, hydro jobs Europe and biogas jobs Europe.

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If your organisation requires ideal candidates and are in need of professional European renewable energy recruitment services, then SER have the vast resources and experience within the Europe renewable jobs sector to deliver the perfect candidates for your Solar, Wind, hydro and biogas renewable energy jobs in Europe. 

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If you are a candidate requiring a career move in the European renewable energy market, seeking renewable energy jobs in Europe, then SER is here to help you find the perfect solution.

We proudly offer a professional & personal European energy jobs search service to ensure your career challenge and concerns are our responsibility. Because your needs are the most important and core element in our business. Our consultants and country managers work as a team to provide the exceptional quality of service you deserve in your European renewable energy career move.

European Renewable Energy Growth & Projections

With all EU member states striving to meet their renewable energy targets by 2020 and 2030, energy companies will be building new and expanding existing EU renewable energy projects to meet these targets. The EU renewable energy projects will have to increase to produce 27% of its energy from renewables by 2030.

Currently, the bulk of the world’s offshore wind projects are in Europe, in the North, Irish and Baltic Seas. With the EEA targets, EU offshore wind energy capacity is projected to grow the most rapidly, an increase 17-fold between 2010 and 2020.

While newer renewable technologies such as, concentrated solar power, will also increase more than 11-fold according to projections. European countries are also expected to significantly boost solar photovoltaic power and onshore wind over the next decade, with onshore wind expected to double, and photovoltaic capacity to triple over the same period.

SER is working alongside European energy companies, keeping up-to-date with all new EU renewable energy projects, staying in the forefront of European renewable energy recruitment, ensuring we can meet any staffing requirements for solar jobs Europe, wind jobs Europe, hydro jobs Europe, biogas jobs Europe. 

Our European Clients & Projects:


Soventix Gmbh

Sonnedix UK Services Limited    


ET Solutions AG

Soitec GmbH

Soventix GmbH

Innovative Wind Concepts GmbH

Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH 


Abeinsa EPC / Abengoa Solar

Abeinsa Ingeniería y Construcción Industrial     


Statkraft Norfund Power Invest A/S    

The Netherlands:

Hanergy Solar Power (Netherlands) B.V.   

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SER is a specialist in renewable energy recruitment Europe and provides the latest EU renewable jobs. With extensive experience across the whole of the European renewable energy market, plus in-depth knowledge of niche areas, including solar PV, solar thermal, wind, hydro and biogas sectors. We provide EU energy job opportunities ranging from all levels of due diligence consultancy, project management, sales & marketing, engineering expertise, manufacturing, R&D and executive level positions.

Keeping your important career move in mind, SER consultants will match the best opportunities to your bespoke skills and experience. We are renowned for our professional and personal quality of service. Our European renewable energy recruitment consultants have a well-established ability provide the most sought after permanent, contract or executive opportunities. We work passionately to find the perfect opportunity to suit your specialist skills & experience and ensure you a professional and smooth transition into your new workplace. 

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A global and personal doorway to the world’s renewable energy market. We currently operate locally in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Middle East. Our renewable energy jobs in Europe are ever-changing with the flow of the latest European renewable energy projects, so register with SER today to ensure you don’t lose out on the perfect new career.